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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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When running a computer properly you will want to monitor the most important things that are related to the great performance of your computer in order to keep it up and running smoothly. With the ser232mon software you will easily be able to monitor your PC.

Monitoring your PC’s performance is important so that you can keep it running smoothly and with the ser232mon software you will be able to do so. This tool makes it easy for you to monitor the COM 1, COM 2 and COM 3 that are related to your computer.

The graphical user interface of this software is not the best looking one around but it does exactly what it was made to do. This is what makes the ser232mon such a great software because it provides you with excellent results every time.

ser232mon for Windows 98/ME/2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003

what's ser232mon


ser232mon can monitor the RS232 COM1,2,3,... and show the datas when the Windows application control the RS232 COM port,such as modem mini-ATS, projector etc.

ser232mon is a free software, you can use wantonly and distribute, but must contain this text.

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ser232mon  Free Download screenshot